• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-08-26

Revealing the Importance of Chess Strategy

Did you know that top chess players have a glance at a position and assess the winning side in a fraction of second? Not just that, they also analyze the right moves and best ideas for both sides.

Would you like to think similar and have the same power? If yes, then the trick of the game is to learn chess strategies.

Chess strategy is a useful attempt to enjoy an advantage over your opponent. Unlike tactics, chess strategy comprises long term goals, which are specifically related to king safety, pawn structure, space piece activity and many more. 

Heard of the famous saying “ Chess is 99% tactics” ? Then, wondering why learning strategy is important?

Although tactics can define your game’s outcome, a right strategy creates space for tactical moves. So, strategies pave the way for playing the game with tactics.

Famous Chinese General Sun Tzu, rightly quoted “ "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." Depending completely on your opponent, losing for a tactical move may work well for beginners but isn't a good sign to play for advanced players.

World champions such as Jose Raul Capablanca, GM Tigran Petrosian, and GM Anatoly Karpov are known for their chess strategy. Playing against a strategically strong player is a task that few players like to face. Learn chess online and develop such strategic gaming skills in chess.

Learning chess as a hobby by enrolling in various online hobby classes for kids motivates kids to enjoy playing the game in a strategic approach.

Simple Strategic Concepts

Chess Strategy isn’t an easy game, it takes many years of research and hard work to master. However, learning a few principles through online chess learning can help you play better and win. Some strategies are material count, pawn structure, piece activity , king safety and piece mobility. 

Material Count

One of the straightforward yet concrete concepts is the material count. If you learn the strategy of counting the total piece value for every player, you can determine who has better material advantage.

A player with better material advantage can win the game by trading pieces to simplify the move and create a winning endgame. Another option to win is through material superiority, to override the defenses of the opponent to checkmate the king.

Piece Activity

Little different from material count, piece activity is a bit of abstract concept. You may have less material than your opponent but still have more active pieces which can result in a decisive advantage.

Pawn Structure

Pawn structure is all about how the pawns are placed irrespective of the position of the other pieces. Get to know the pawn structures as it is highly significant for any serious player. It has significance in using various strategic concepts too. Attacking plans, piece activity and holes are some instances of crucial strategic tricks based on pawn structure.


Space talks about the number of squares you have behind your pawns where movement of pieces is possible. You may have more space on the queenside, center, kingside or in every section of the board.

King Safety

Here the most critical strategic concept in chess is “ King Safety”. Holding an unsafe king could create a losing disadvantage as it may end up you getting checkmated.

Learn to play chess online strategically

Now that you know what chess strategy is and its role in turning your move to a winning game. It's time to head over to our online chess learning classes and expand your knowledge about critical strategic concepts.

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