• Posted by: Marketing Team
  • 2022-05-10

Poetry is the child of humanity's ingrained talent to create from the existent. Even before the age that preceded literacy poetry, it is known to have existed as a testimony to this indelible human skill. From Homer to Henley and Shakespeare to Shelley the length and breadth of the poetry chart in history is vast and wide as history itself.

What began in the pre-civilization times as a method of entertainment and memorizing the past, with the refinement brought with the flow of time turned into a method of storytelling amongst other forms such as drama and the epic. At some times the very essence of the epics were verses. But poetry was caught in a steady flow, like those rocks and pebbles that moved closer to the plains from the mountains being polished in every moment of its movement and designing and defining itself.

Time changed the vantage in which poetry was seen, the crown of poetry passed from the Greeks to the Romans then to all of Europe. Alternate forms existed in other parts of the world as well. And thus through a lot of turmoil, praise, dishonor, and forgetfulness, poetry found its way into the 21st century. Well the chunk of rock poetry was at the dawn of time, it still remains at times, but the pebbles it made are smoother than the finest of the feathers.

Modern poetry is a wide plethora, including almost everything in existence. And that's what Miss Shloka Shankar, one of the poetry coaches at koachme learning platform, means when she says 'Poetry Is Everywhere'. From pamphlets to pavilions of writings have been included in the umbrage of poetry.

A chance to know this wonderful history and learn to pick the smooth pebbles from the rocks or from the pebble in accordance with your comfort and interest is what koachme invites you to do. koachme is the perfect platform for you to learn, develop and perpetuate poetry as a skill. Come join our holistic platform and see the wonderful world of poetry that surrounds you.