• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-07-20

How to pick the right hobby for your child

As we all look back on the trajectories of our lives during this time of isolation, we may realize that one of the most important parts of life is what we indulge in outside of our responsibilities. Hobbies are a culture that is as old as humanity, as we have always scoured to find anything to entertain ourselves beyond what we are supposed to do. 

As the years go by, we are seeing an increase in content, to the point of oversaturation. There is a plethora of activities for children to choose from, and the landscape of trends and media are changing every single day. So how do you pick an activity to interest your child? Here are a few ways to constructively pick the right hobby for your child.

Start a conversation and explore

An important aspect of selecting a hobby for your child is to talk to them about it. Spark a conversation with them about what kind of television shows they are watching, and edge the conversation into what kind of activities they feel inclined towards doing. Once this conversation takes place, you can try to do some research and show them what you find.

Encourage them to provide their opinions on these things, as this will help them pave their own identity, which is one of the crucial aspects of picking up a hobby. Another aspect that definitely needs to be checked out is the accessibility of this particular hobby in an era where we can not unnecessarily leave the house. Some good online hobby classes for kids that you can research include sketching, drawing, painting, violin, yoga, pilates, Zumba, dance, and much more. 

Avoid projecting onto your child

While having the aforementioned conversation with your children about hobbies, you lean towards pushing them down a path you may have taken during your earlier years. Your instinct may be to tell them to pick an interest that you took part in as a child. And although informing them of their options is never a bad idea, be sure not to force it upon them. If your child partakes in a hobby, make sure it is because they are truly interested in it, and not because of your inherent, yet understandable bias.

Allow them to drop hobbies

Watching your child get interested in a hobby can be an exciting experience for a parent, but always remember that it is not your experience. Your child may start showing disinterest in said hobby, and whether it is genuine disinterest, or childlike laziness is your observation to make. If it is the latter, you can try to encourage and support your child by asking them to continue doing what they do, as pursuing a hobby is something that sticks with you throughout your life. However, if your child expresses real disinterest and boredom with an activity, you should allow them to let go of it, and help them figure out how to enrich their life in other ways. 

Hobbies are always developing. Some good suggestions include Carnatic music online, Bharatanatyam, cricket, football, swimming, chess, Indian Classical Art and so much more.