• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-12-06

How can taking up Hobbies work as a Mood-Booster?

We're all looking for a way to escape the boredom of our daily lives, and what's better distraction than a new hobby or the best skills to develop (that you won't abandon in a week)? The real challenge of taking up a hobby is sticking with it. Hobbies, on the other hand, are not only a fun way to spend your free time; they also help to reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase serotonin levels.

According to studies on the relationship between hobbies and mental health, leisure activities can provide more structure in your life and have a positive impact on depression. Every year, 19 percent of adults, 46 percent of teenagers, and 13 percent of children suffer from mental illness, but mental health is still stigmatised. In an era when burnout, depression, and anxiety are on the rise, we must focus our attention on mental health issues and provide resources to anyone who is in need. Hobbies help in boosting positive vibes triggers the joy you crave for in your routine, which will improve your sleep and increase endorphins.

Why are hobbies good for your health?

Hobbies are fundamental both for your mental and physical health. A study of police officers' well-being indicated that hobbies reduced emotional tension, relieved stress, and reduced burnout. Learning to play chess online or painting the night sky, or anything else that deflects your attention away from your various chores, can be turned into a hobby of interest and inquisitiveness. Engaging in leisure activities that you enjoy will add spice to the never-ending groundhog day that we have become accustomed to over the past years.

Improve your Physical Health

Individuals who participate in leisure activities on a regular basis have better physiological and physical health. Those who participated in hobbies reported higher levels of life satisfaction, job engagement, social support, and lower levels of depressive symptoms. Finding the right hobby can improve your mood and physical functioning while also lowering blood pressure and balancing hormone levels — so why not choose yoga for daily fitness? Just a quick tip. Think about it!

Achieve Optimal Sleep Pattern

We understand how busy you are, but there is always time for a new hobby. While you may genuinely think that developing a healthy habit will impede your schedule or intrude your sleep, but doing so, actually improves your sleep. Participants in a Pittsburgh study reported much better sleep and less difficulty falling asleep after taking up a new hobby. Did you know you can also take up hobby classes online? 

Boost your productivity and work performance

According to a study conducted by San Francisco State University, creative activities outside of work can significantly enhance job performance, engagement, and satisfaction. Hobbies can be a great way to unwind after a long day's work and will provide an outlet for relaxation.

How to boost your mood with the help of Hobbies?

Several studies have found a clear link between creative activities and better mental health, such as lower stress, anxiety, and mood swings. When you participate in an enjoyable hobby, you enter a 'flow state,' which is characterised by increased concentration and replenishment of your mind and body. Recognizing the benefits of the same, many professionals are venturing into new hobby ideas and enrolling in hobby classes near them. They claim that doing so increases the level of neurotransmitters in your brain, specifically dopamine and norepinephrine, which provide energy and are also known as happy hormones.