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  • 2022-07-04

The summer of 1816  was a rather interesting year in history. An eruption from a pacific volcano had brought climatic anomalies all over the world. However, at Villa Diodati in Geneva something interesting and different was afoot. Miss Claire Clairmont the poet Byron’s mistress had invited Mary Wollstonecraft (Later Mary Shelley) and Percy Shelly to Geneva, Switzerland to meet Lord Byron and his friend John Polidori at the Byron's summer residence. Upon the guest's arrival at the Villa, what was meant to be a warm and sunny summer turned into periods of heavy rain and lightning storms. The group was thus forced to remain indoors and had to find ways to entertain themselves. They kept themselves warm, around the fireplace, reading ghost stories from Fantasmagoriana. And to fuel the spirit of eeriness about them, Lord Byron, challenged everyone present to tell a horror story of their own. And the tale, Mary Shelley came up during that rainy summer later became the Classic gothic science fiction: Frankenstein. 


    This is a classic anecdote that purports to tell the truth that creativity lives through all seasons. The cold and damp monsoon, after the dry and fun summer, might seem a dreary landscape for testing creativity. But, actually it's one of the best times for revving up your skills and hobbies. 

    Do you remember the first time you made a paper boat? Most probably, near a puddle or a rainwater runoff, in your childhood. Fun, wasn't it? How many children of today would get such an experience? Almost none, isn't it? Well, they have a chance to learn something similar, with Origami, so that they can create not just boats, but whatever that they can think of, with just paper. Click here to know more about the art of Origami.


    Are you someone with a clumsy hand, with a bad handwriting or even worse drawing skills? How about changing that over a hot mug of coffee or tea in the coziness of your home. Start learning pencil drawing or painting, see some vibrant colours with those bleary eyes of yours to enliven your life shaded by the cloudy monsoon.  Click here to explore the benefits of enrollment in drawing classes.

You may also write something. Write a verse or two sitting amidst the watery windows or the evening lamp and bring into life that forgotten poet in you. Click here to explore the impact poetry has created worldwide.  


    Play some indoor games, like chess, carrom or ludo, find some time with your family, live a little while you run about to find a living. In fact, you could click here to know more about the benefits of chess. You could even learn music and try to make up for the bird-less sky and the silent hours that pass by. Or learn some new steps of the classical dance forms. How about healthcare with Yoga, Pilates or Zumba? Swimming is another option, that is a want of the times, that, it might be said, should be learned. And, many more are the things that you might learn.

    It seems like there are a lot of things that you can do this monsoon. If you don't know how to do them, then better start learning how. You might say that the season isn't a good time for you to learn. But, believe it or not, this monsoon will be followed by an autumn, which will be followed by a winter, which will be followed by a summer, and so on, but this is your monsoon for a change. Lose it and you may never get another chance at learning. So hurry towards the change to bring out the real you in you. Click here to explore more about interesting indoor hobbies.