• Posted by: The Marketing Team
  • 2022-07-22

Our team strives for helping you nurture hobbies at the comfort of your home. The USP is to bring the best coaches to your screens and provide you with an undivided attention to learn. For us, there could be no better compliment than watching our students excel despite the barrier of the seas. Client satisfaction indeed makes us determined to deliver better each day.

We take immense pleasure to introduce you to one of our Bharatanatyam students, Vedhika. who resides in Indonesia, had a dream to learn the Classical Indian Dance form of Bharatanatyam. But the lack of coaches overseas came as a challenge. This is where the koachme learning platform acted as a bridge between Vedika and her Bharatnatyam coach. 

Koachme facilitated the smooth online learning process. Initially, Vedhika felt a little difficult to adjust to the idea of online learning, especially with an art like Dance. But the experience she had once she used the application and got in touch with the coach has been nothing but excellent.

Anagha Nehalkar, our coach for Bharatanatyam, taught Vedhika the basics of Bharatanatyam - the postures, gestures, hasthas, mudras and several basic steps.

Now you could see the glitter in Vedhika's eyes and the confidence and spark in her personality after having embarked upon this journey of learning Bharatanatyam with us. 

We understand how difficult it is to acquire traditional talents when you are far away from your motherland, but not anymore. We aim to fulfill each dream like we did Vedhika's. At koachme we not only nurture Dance, but multiple other hobbies. If you haven't already checked out our application, do it right away. Pick up a hobby of your choice and learn from some of the best coaches picked from across the length and breadth of the country.

Register yourself today and hop on to the learning bandwagon with koachme.