• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-11-09

Why Painting classes for kids?

Irrespective of their interest, kids enjoy getting messy and creative with colours and paints.

Like every other skill, there are many ways to boost up this hobby further and develop the kid's passion for drawing and painting which in turn helps them explore their creativity and help them follow their passion for art. Koachme conducts painting classes online for poster painting and other types of paintings with easy to learn exercises and tips.

Learning painting in such renowned institutions as Koachme helps you understand the tricks and get tips from expert artists who teach you to draw and paint confidently. So why wait, grab your paint palette and get ready with your creative strokes.

Interesting painting concepts for your kids to explore

Learning Colours & Shades

Learning the match between various colors plays a significant role in painting. Kids must understand the concept of primary shades and secondary shades to make different colour mixes. Expose them to secondary colours by letting them mix primary shades in different ways and paint a picture.

Drawing without Eraser 

Many kids use pencils to draw as they can correct it if something goes wrong. However in no-eraser drawing the erasers are taken away from kids to enhance their confidence in their artistic work. Although, this will be the first time your kids are getting ready to sketch using pens, be ready for some mess! As painting can't be erased , expose your kids to draw without erasing. This learning of no-eraser drawing helps your kids draw with confidence and make colour choices with smart thinking capacity.

Learn about Watercolours

One of the simple painting practices is watercolor which is washable too. It is a perfect platform to introduce poster colour paintings to kids.It helps them learn other types of paintings and drawings. With your kids used to holding pencils, take them a step further and introduce them to brush painting which is a fun activity for them and will help the little ones familiarise with painting on canvas/ sheets. Though children may find it challenging to do poster colour painting at first, it's a beautiful art concept that blends creativity, picture detailing and colour mix to your pictures.

Introduction to Acrylic Painting

Known as one of the versatile painting forms, acrylic is perfect for introducing kids to painting. Apart from being able to thin down, it is perfect for making contrast , textured paintings that dry in no time. Acrylic helps your kids get familiar with new colours, textures and make some interesting paintings.

Simple Portrait Painting

Painting a real life person is a quite challenging and interesting skill for any artist. These art styles introduce children to a better creativity standard with the ability to think artistically. Young children enjoy exploring their imagination with colours and love expressing their family members in an art form. They can also try self-portrait sketches with a mirror in front of them.


If your kid is enthusiastic about painting, here is a wonderful opportunity to help them explore drawing and painting. Koachme painting classes online helps kids learn painting with fun and simple techniques. Take your kids' painting passion to a whole new level with Koachme.