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  • 2022-06-24

"Educate a woman and you educate an entire generation" . Similarly, encouraging a woman to inculcate yoga in her lifestyle is like starting off a chain reaction in her entire family, from inspiring the members in her family to the offspring she would nurture. In fact, during COVID-19 pandemic, YOGA has come to the rescue of hundreds and thousands of mothers who instilled this hobby in the lives of their children. Read this blog to know more about the benefits of Yoga classes for kids.

But why are we paying so much heed to this one activity, one might wonder! Well, When we say Yoga is a woman's best friend, we mean it. This one holistic approach to fitness has a host of benefits. Here's the irresistible list which would force you to jump on the yoga bandwagon today. 

Physical health 

Needless to say, women these days are experiencing a number of health conditions. From irregular menstrual cycle to thyroid to major diseases, the number of cases are surging by the day.

This is why taking care of a woman's health is an imperative. With increasing advancements followed by change in lifestyle, women just cannot afford to take the risk. It's about time women befriend yoga.

  • Improved menstrual health: 

These days, the menstrual cycle has gone haywire. Owing to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle, irregular menstrual cycles have become a common issue. Yoga brings hormonal balance. Culminating this hobby improves strength, hormonal balance, body strength, self-acceptance and calmness.

  • Improves system of menopause:

As soon as women advance towards their late 40s and 50s, the reproductive cycle comes to an end. The transition period is hard to handle. Women undergo hormonal changes, mood swings, fatigue, pain and hot flashes. Yoga helps by activating the energy chakras and providing strength to women to deal with their physiological and psychological changes.

  • Mental health: 

With the arrival COVID-19 pandemic of an unprecedented proportion, the degraded mental health of females surfaced. Owing to increased pressure and workload, stress is a common sight. In fact, not being able to step outdoors has only worsened the situation. Yoga works as a boon as it eases symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

Yoga does this by lowering stress hormones with simultaneously increasing beneficial brain chemicals like endorphins and GABA ( gamma-aminobutyric acid). It is these feel-good hormones which are accredited to the decreasing level of anxiety and boosting mood.

This is why special focus must be on breathing and meditative yoga exercises along with other asanas for a healthy mind.


  • Helps during pregnancy and labor:

Science backed reports prove that Yoga has not only helped in better stress management during delivery, but also helped in reducing pelvic pain. It has been found how yoga has improved birth outcomes like reduction in delivery time.

However, one must always consult with their medical practitioners before practicing yoga poses.

You could check a host of benefits of prenatal yoga by reading this article that we've published!

  • Helps Those Coping with Gestational Diabetes:

The number of women suffering from gestational diabetes is only increasing. This is an issue of grave concern. However, studies have shown low intensity exercises could help both, mother and child.

  • Helps with back pain:

Long hours of sitting could often lead to back pain. Yoga helps relieve the pain by improving the posture at the same time.

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Make time for yourself

Heard someone say, if it matters to you, you will take the time out to get it done. And to be honest, what matters to you more than your health? Nothing, right! We know you are busy juggling between academics, work, household chores and other innumerable tasks which you ace by your multitasking ability. We appreciate it, but health must not be ignored.

We care for every woman reading this, which is why we encourage you to pick this activity and inculcate it in your lifestyle. If you are a male counterpart who comes across this, then you must act for your mothers, sisters and other female friends, by spreading the word.

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced Yoga practitioner, we at koachme have a course for all. So hop on to the Yoga bandwagon today, with koachme. Register yourself now. No matter how busy you are, cutting off 40 minutes from your busy schedule shouldn't be a problem. Act before it's too late. Start now.

If you wish to read more benefits of yoga, well we have an entire comprehensive blog crafted for you on our platform. Read it when you have some free time !