• Posted by: The Maketing Team
  • 2022-08-19

There is so much more to photography beyond being an art, an application, a practice or a hobby. Let's dive in and seek some facts.

Interesting facts about Photography

  • The first human photo captured was accidental.

It was in the year 1828 when Louis D. intended to capture the Boulevard De Temple in Paris, however since the exposure lasted for 7 long minutes, even the man got captured along with the temple.

  • First Digital Camera

While working at Eastman Kodak, Steven Sasson invented the first digital camera in 1975.

  • Getting the flash right

Initially, the experiments undertaken to get the flashes right were quite dangerous. For instance, potassium chloride and aluminium were mixed by the photographers to create a bright spark light.

However, if the chemicals weren't properly mixed, they often led to violent explosions.

  • Most viewed photograph

The image, “Bliss,” by Charles O’Rear is the most viewed image in all of human history. This is the old Windows Default Screen which has been most viewed worldwide.

  • Record breaking clicks

Did you know, in the present decade, we humans click more photos every 2 minutes than the entire population of the earth did back in the 18th Century.

  • Ever popular "Kingfisher" shot

Did you know, Alan McFadyen, a wildlife photographer from Scotland, took 6 years and 7,20,000 attempts to get the perfect Kingfisher shot.

He captured the bird diving straight into the water body, without having made a splash.

  • Perfect "Panther" Shot

Wildlife photography requires a whole lot of patience and luck. Here's another example of how a photographer waited for 6 days before he could get a perfect leopard and his Panther shadow photo captured.

Mithun H was shooting for the Kabini Forest Reserve in Karnataka, India, while he captured this shot. 

Today is the day for us to appreciate the technology and art of photography alike. Photos help create memories, bring people together, help in solving mysteries of life, evoke a sense of wonder and amazement when practiced as a hobby or profession.

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