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  • 2022-06-21

"Healthy mind resides in a healthy body", they say. What if we say there exists a holistic approach towards health, which ensures physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual. This holistic approach is "YOGA". 

The term Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yuj, which means to join or to unite. Sage Patanjali, who compiled the first yoga philosophy, defines yoga as an ability to control one's own random thoughts and achieve a stillness, a calmness that creates inner harmony. He is considered as the father of modern yoga.

India, which happens to be the source of yoga, is also the country which first proposed to organize the International Day across the world, at the UNGA, in the year 2014. The aim behind this was to raise awareness amongst the masses. Since then, International Day of Yoga has been celebrated across the globe on 21st June each year, without fail. However, It is sad how India, despite being the country of origin, doesn't have a remarkable number of Yoga practicing individuals. According to a report only 35% of Indians practice yoga, out of which, 7% practice daily, 6% practice weekly, 22% practice monthly. These grim statistics need to be addressed.

Incorporation of Yoga has benefitted tens of thousands of people across the globe. It's about time we begin our fitness journey. What better activity than Yoga and what better day than International Yoga Day 2022. 

Here is a list of some Science-backed benefits of yoga:

  • Improves flexibility: Yoga has proven to increase flexibility. Depending upon the intensity of Yoga, the flexibility increases. Even the mild intensity yoga postures seem to significantly improve flexibility. Most practitioners take to yoga because they want to increase flexibility. Especially with not-so-straight backs while working from home, keeping your body flexible is more than important.

  • Stress and anxiety reliever: In addition to the physical aspect, the breathing exercises, the meditation and the auditory rituals seem to significantly benefit people by reducing stress levels.

  • Provides increased strength: Some yoga asanas help increase flexibility, others strengthen the body. Depending upon the intensity, the strength varies.

  • Immunity booster: Yoga's ability to fight inflammation, boosts the immunity. With numerous viruses and bacteria coming into picture, our lives have become unpredictable. However, one way to ensure well being is building a strong immune system by incorporating yoga as a part of our lifestyles. 

  • Improved cardiovascular functioning: "Pranayama" , one of the most popular breathing yogic exercises, improves several functions of the body. One of the most significant of these is the improved cardiovascular functioning. It influences the brain's cardiorespiratory center to improve functioning. 

  • Improves sleep: The present generation seems to be struggling with distractions like binge watching which seems to hamper the sleep cycle. In fact, despite wanting to sleep more people these days experience insomnia. Yoga has seemed to be helpful in this. Yoga not only decreases the level of stress but also improves how quickly people fall asleep and how deeply they sleep.

  • Improves balance: Yoga seems to make everyday's task effortless. The consistent practice of yoga improves balance. Whether you are an athlete or an older individual looking to improve your balance, yoga is the key. 

  • Improved self esteem: Self esteem might often be closely related to the body image of individuals. Many studies show how Yoga helps adolescents and teens in improving their perceived body image and self esteem.

This is just a small list of key benefits out of the host of benefits yoga provides. Yoga improves the overall lifestyle of the practitioners. Does this list sound promising at all? If yes, then we assure you to provide you with the best coach in the field who would guide you in this fitness regime. As you embark upon this journey with Yoga, we will ensure it's under the guidance of the best. 

The koachme learning platform has free workshops and affordable classes for all. It's about time that each one of us make Yoga a part of our lifestyles. Let us bring to life the theme for International Yoga Day, 2022, "Yoga For Humanity". 

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