• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2022-03-18

Spirituality and mindful living are the guiding forces for many people. We seek a medium to express our ideas and experiences. And when the medium is creative, spiritual enrichment becomes joyful.

Mandala Art is one of the practices for achieving creative satisfaction with spiritual pleasure.


Talking about the importance of Mandala Art For Beginners, one must know what exactly it means.

In the Sanskrit language, Mandala means circle. So, Mandala is nothing but a complex design that is usually circular. Mandalas usually have a single central point, which begins with various shapes, symbols, and forms.

The magic of the Mandala lies in the fact that a Mandala Art learner can create a Mandala containing recognizable images that connect the learner to the creation and gives meaning to the art.

Your Mandala creation is no less than the reflection of your psychological, emotional, and mental world.

Here is a Step By Step Mandala Art For Beginners

Let us start with understanding the materials needed for Mandala Art.

You do not require a lot of material to learn how to draw a Mandala from online Hobby Classes In Bangalore: Paper, a pencil, a ruler, and an eraser.

You will need a choice of colored pencils, watercolours, or crayons for colouring. 

  1. Drawing a mandala starts with measuring out your paper into a square shape. The bigger the square, the more space you will have to draw.
  2. Then you will use a ruler and pencil to draw a dot at the centre of the square.
  3. Now you will draw a series of circles around this dot using a compass. You can also create Mandala using Thaneeya.
  4. The next step is to draw dots of the same distances from the center and make sure that these dots are at a 45-degree angle to the perpendicular lines.
  5. Connect the dots you just made. 
  6. Connect them into circles. You start at one dot and draw curved lines until the last dot.

You do not have to draw perfect curved lines. Nobody is going to check your drawing skills here. What matters is to express on the paper without hesitation and color your creation the way you want it.

This art is not about displaying your skills but about allowing yourself to draw every emotion on the paper, the way it comes to you. 

Give Mandala art a try if you find that words are not powerful enough to show what you feel.