• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2022-03-26

Music has no boundaries; it is for every person who appreciates it. Many people find comfort in music in their times of distress. No wonder modern music lovers are inclined to learn Carnatic music online.

While in the western music system, Swaras/Notes frequencies are fixed, in the Indian classical music system, like Carnatic music, you will find variations in a few notes. 

While ‘Sa’ and ‘Pa’ as fixed notes, ‘Ma’ have two variants, and the remaining Swaras have three variants each. Overall, Carnatic Music has 16 Swaras/Notes, enabling musicians to accommodate various Ragas.

Credible Carnatic music classes will help you understand the differences between western and Indian classical music. But here, we will focus on using modern technologies like Magenta to create Carnatic music, something you can learn from Online Carnatic music classes near me.

Carnatic Music with Magenta

Time to know how to start with Carnatic music generation using Google Magenta.

This link here will help you have deep insights into how to generate Carnatic music using Magenta.

This is the easiest way to generate music. Once you generate your Carnatic music, you are required to download it as MIDI and also see the graphical music patterns with the Bokeh library

You must know that everything in Magenta is about NoteSequences. Each NoteSequence comes with different pitches, instruments, and strike velocities, similar to MIDI.

If you are a beginner, Online hobby classes in Bangalore will first teach you about Notes/Swaras such as Sa, Ri1, Ga2, Ma1, Pa, Da1, Ni2.

Using the link given above, you can generate the graph and note sequences as MIDI files for three ragas.

We have seen how to generate Carnatic music with NoteSequence. You can also generate Carnatic music with the Recurrent Neural Network model developed by the Google Magenta team.

Here, we have explored the possibilities of generating Carnatic Music Raga notes with Magenta NoteSequence. If you search for Carnatic music classes near me, you will come across many credible classes (online and offline) where you can learn or polish your Carnatic music skills. If you are a tech nerd who loves Indian classical music, Magenta is for you.