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  • 2022-03-08

Interesting Information About Instruments in Carnatic Music

Wondering why a Carnatic music singer must acquire knowledge in instruments?

Well, the reason is to get better understanding & clarity when singing. It gives you a good knowledge about “Swarasthanas” and “Gamakas”. 

Read further to explore the interesting facts about Carnatic music classes specifically for instruments.

Let’s move on based on the category for a better understanding.

Percussion Instruments- These are the kind of instruments that are played with the hands , beater stick or against one another. It is an ancient form of instruments which has a rich history. 

  • Mridangam- It is also popularly called the Pakhawaj an olden day instrument which has historic reference in various Hindu mythology. It is generally carved out of jackfruit wood. It is a type of double side drum which is played by banging on either side using hands on line with the rhythm.  Various online Carnatic music classes train students specifically for Mridangam too. 
  • Thavil- It is a widely known instrument in the southern culture which is used in South Indian festivals & occasions especially in religious functions. It comes in the shape of a barrel and has two sides just like Mridangam. But in Thavil the bigger side has better pitch when compared to the lower side. While you learn Carnatic music online, you may also choose to enroll for Thavil classes. 
  • Morsing- It comes with a metal ring which has a shape of horseshoe with two forks parallelly which creates a frame. It comes with a metal tongue in the center. It is played by clinching the front teeth with the metal tongue.

String Instrument- These are a type of instrument which is played with the use of strings that is pulling it in line with the rhythm. The string is pulled over by the hands , stick or a bow to create the music.

  • Veena- it dates back to Hindu Mythology. The goddess Saraswathi who is regarded as the God for education and art is usually depicted holding Veena in her hands. It is a harmonium musical instrument just like the Sitar. 
  • Violin- It comes with a hollow wooden structure with usually four strings connected to it. The string is played using the bow. It’s popularity is something that the instrument owes to western classical music. Soon it also became a significant part in Carnatic music. 

Drone Instrument- The outstanding sound stays alive for seconds after the rhythm is completed. It is generally the start or the end music after any performance. 

  • Tambura- It is well known as Tanpura. It brings out a harmony in performance when compared to other instruments that create melody and rhythm. It also keeps up the “Sur” of the composition to create the drone effect.

  • Flute- It has a strong historic root. The flute was an instrument that Lord Krishna chose to hold. It’s melodious rhythm helped Lord Krishna attract “Gopikas” ( the cow herding girls). It is well known by the name Bansuri in India. It is recognized in all the 4 Vedas of the Hindu religion. It is made of Bamboo. Customized flutes for Carnatic music classes are called Carnatic flutes. They are blown by the musicians who take up exclusive flute Carnatic music classes online or offline.

Reed Instrument- These instruments produce sound with a vibration of columns of air. The column is specifically made for this purpose.  

  • Harmonium- It is a keyboard type instrument. The rhythm from harmonium is produced with the vibration of thin metal that is closely connected to the frame. Hand pumped bellows produce the music when the sound is played by the musician to match a particular musical note.

Wrap up-

With so many different types of musical instruments in existence, musicians have a wide scope to learn music beyond just vocal singing. When musicians learn playing instruments from Carnatic music classes nearby their vocal singing also improves as they understand the concept of rhythm and other detailed aspects of music clearly. For more details about why take up musical instrumental classes connect with Koachme- Your best online music class tutor.