• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-12-23

Doodling as a Contemplative Hobby 

We all have a natural desire to sketch or, at the very least, dabble with being artistic and creative. Doodle Art is a fun hobby that allows you to express the artist in you in your unique way. Doodling is the art of making art out of small shapes and repeating designs that may be instructive, free-flowing, meditative, and powerfully spontaneous.

Most of us adults tried to distract ourselves from our homework and dull lectures as children, and now we think it's a ridiculous concept to do so as adults. But did you realize that doodling is much more than a child's imagination activity? There are several reasons why you should choose doodling as a hobby. Here are a few reasons why doodling is such a reliable hobby.

  1. Doodle Arts can assist you in being incredibly creative in your unique way.
  2. Because art is all about understanding shapes and spaces, it aids the mind in making conscious decisions.
  3. Doodling can help you improve your problem-solving skills because the art creates meaning from the ambiguity.
  4. Doodling is an excellent way to balance your emotions and fine motor skills. Attention to detail allows you to be more expressive.
  5. Doodling allows your mind to think more extensively and add color to your cognitive process.

Types of Doodling Art Styles

Here we are going to discuss a few types of Doodling Art forms that are simple and effective to master.


Zentangle doodle art is a simple and easy-to-learn art genre. This doodle is quite versatile, and it's all about experimenting with different styles. The intriguing aspect of this art form is that you may manipulate the strokes and scribbles to create the best designs and have the goal to be creative, abstract, and the outcomes can be a mystery. Zentangle doodling necessitates intense concentration, and one should strive to turn the 3.5" square area's underlying art into anything.

Zen Doodling 

Zen Doodling is quite similar to Zentangle Doodle Art, with the exception of the space and the fact that it isn't entirely about turning abstracts into designs. Unlike Zentangle, Zen doodling can be colored and done on any type of paper and in any size or space. This can be more about journaling backdrops, instructive or meditative doodling styles, or a combination of the two. In other words, Zen doodling is a sense of artistic freedom.

Sten Doodling 

Sten Doodling is a stencil-based doodle art technique and the best doodle art for kids. You can start by drawing a basic outline and then use various types and sizes of stencils to create designs and shapes. A couple of them have a knack to do Sten Doodling with the mask to make it more artistic. In reality, this is the most peaceful and expressive method of doodling in a precise manner.


Mandala Art is a type of doodling that has become one of the most fascinating doodles in recent times. The term mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and means 'circle.' With this in mind, you should be aware that Mandala Art is created using a circular or semi-circle. These mandala arts are based on distinct spiritual and cultural themes and theories. There are also different colors that represent aspects of human life that can be taught in-depth through Koachme's Online Doodling Classes. According to recent studies, mandala art might easily assist you to keep healthy mental wellness.

Wrap up

Doodling, as we discussed at the beginning, is a tried and true way to pass the time. This is a hobby that can benefit you much in a variety of ways. Doodling improves your ability to think, be creative, and concentrate. Allow your heart to create magic out of designs since this activity boosts your personality and broadens your cognitive process. Check out Koachme for more information on how to get started with your doodling habit.