• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2022-04-03

Bharatanatyam is one of the most graceful dance forms in India. What makes it special is the use of Mudras or Asamyukta Hastas. If you join online Bharatanatyam classes for adults, you will get to learn different Mudras or hand gestures.

Let us understand different single hand Bharatanatyam Mudras that you can learn in online hobby classes in Bangalore:

1.Pataka = Flag

Here, you will hold all your fingers straight, signalling a stop sign. But, your thumb should be bent a bit, and all the fingers should be held tight. The Mudra is used to show forests, clouds, and denial.  

2.Tripitaka = Three colors

Do a Pataka Mudra and bend your ring finger to make Tripataka Mudra. The Mudra shows trees, arrows, a crown, and thunder.

3.Ardhapataka = Half of a flag

Ardhapataka is the Tripataka Mudra, along with bending your little finger in such a way that only the index and middle finger would be open. The Mudra shows 'two', leaves or a slab, etc.

4.Kartari Mukha = Scissors

For Kartari Mukha Mudra, make Ardhapataka and make sure your little finger and the ring finger are pressed against the thumb. Now create a gap between your index finger and the middle finger and stretch them away gently as a scissor. This Mudra depicts opposition, looting, anger, and separation.

5.Mayurakhyo = A peacock

In this Mudra, you will keep a Pataka Mudra position, bend the ring finger and press it against your thumb in such a way that your index, middle and little finger will be stretched open as they were in Pataka Mudra. This Mudra depicts creepers, birds, and Krishna's feather crown.

6.Ardhachandra = Half moon

The Ardhachandra Mudra is more like the Pataka Mudra, but the thumb is in line with the rest of the fingers. The Mudra shows a spear or throat. Join Bharatanatyam classes online in case you have any queries.

7.Arala = Bent

For Arala, do Ardhachandra and bend your index finger and your thumb. The Mudra represents drinking or harsh wind.

8.Shukatunda = Parrot's head

Do Arala Mudra and just your ring finger, the Shukatunda Mudra is created. As the name suggests, the Mudra depicts a parrot's head but can also mean shooting or remembering one's abode.

If you decide to join the best online Bharatanatyam classes, you will also learn more Mudras such as:

Mushti = Fist

Shikara = A peak

Kapittha = Elephant apple

Kataka Mukha = Opening of a bracelet, Bird, Girl

& Suchi = Needle

There are many Hastas that need to be learned if you wish to learn Bharatanatyam.

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