• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-10-22

Benefits of Yoga classes for kids during a pandemic


Memories of 2020 haven’t swept off since the pandemic had taken everyone to the task. Lockdown and work from home became the trending culture to add on to the sedentary lifestyle. Apart from the work from home trend, education also took off through online platforms and kids across the world have adapted to online classes. Working from home and being part of online classes has turned out to be a new normal for most of us across the country. So, taking care of the tiny tots at home and their health is a significant role for parents during these trying times. Yoga emerges as one of the best practices to succeed in this uphill task. It is a wonderful art form that helps your children unite their physical, emotional and spiritual energies within your soul and body. 

To create awareness regarding this ancient art form and its significance in our life we have penned down the importance of yoga and the benefit of a few important yoga poses for kids which will help them grow mentally healthy and physically fit. 

The benefit of Yoga for Kids

Before the global pandemic, kids had a highly active lifestyle as they were part of many co-curricular activities and outdoor games. But, with this pandemic spreading its wings, the only choice to stay safe is to be indoors. So, in tough circumstances like these learning yoga is a useful activity. By learning yoga poses, the core strength of the kids, their endurance and aerobic capacity enhances to a great extent. According to studies, yoga helps in boosting resilience, concentration, memory, academic scores, self-esteem. It also works miraculously in minimizing stress and anxiety in kids. 

Things to think about before enrolling for an online yoga class

For toddlers and kids, yoga is a highly beneficial activity and their bones are quite flexible and the risk of injury is minimal. So, make sure you enroll your kids in yoga classes online where they practice yoga under expert guidance or your supervision. Practicing breathing activities or getting involved in asanas helps in strengthening immunity in toddlers. However, for children of adolescent age, precautionary yoga is advised as there is a high risk of overstretching bruises in them. If your child has any existing physical injury or any other issue with respect to bone growth, consult your physician or physiotherapist before enrolling for online yoga classes and practicing hardcore yoga asanas. 

The benefit of Yoga Poses for Kids during Pandemic

Yoga poses are an extremely relaxing activity for kids and a great workout for adults. It paves a way to help your kids relieve stress effectively and think positively. Here are some yoga for fitness and health that Koachme teaches for kids to stay healthy & happy. These poses have an array of benefits like good digestion, metabolism, hormone secretion, blood circulation thereby helping in best stress management. 

1. Child’s Pose

A child’s pose is a perfect stress reliever that has a bundle of hormonal and metabolic benefits. It is an excellent pose for relaxing too. The child pose is easy to perform and helps your kid in better blood flow and flexibility. For the comfort of your kids, they may practice on a soft cushion or sponge instead of a bare floor. 

2. Tree Pose

The tree pose teaches your children the technique to balance cognitive control and helps them utilize their nervous system effectively. This pose again is highly useful during this pandemic as it helps them get out of the sedentary lifestyle and exposes them to some active movements. The nervous system has to be flexible and active for a healthy body especially in kids.

3. Thunderbolt Pose

The thunderbolt posture in yoga helps kids in improving their digestion, metabolism and blood circulation. Eating, attending class and resting is the routine for many kids during pandemic lockdowns. It isn’t definitely a healthy flow to follow. Such yoga poses help them digest food easily and help their body absorb necessary nutrition to stay healthy. 

4. Crocodile Pose

The crocodile pose is a restorative yoga posture that supports the stimulation of the central nervous system. It also boosts the respiratory system in kids. With Covid-19 affecting the respiratory organs to a large extent, such yoga postures help kids in leading a healthy lifestyle. 

5. Legs Up the Wall Pose

It is again the best yoga posture that helps your nerves and ensures stable blood circulation. Covid 19 creates an impact on blood flow and causes blood clots in different parts of the body. Give your kids the strength to overcome this defect with exposure to such healthy hobbies through online hobby classes for kids. They also offer great relaxation to children’s pandemic routine. 

What’s in it for the child?

When your kids practise yoga on a routine basis considering yoga for daily fitness, your children train and improve their central nervous system for a healthy and active brain & body. With an active and well-nourished body, your kid’s intellectual and cognitive skills for balancing stress also enhances. 

As your kids practice yoga poses regularly during such pandemics it helps them optimize hormonal and metabolic activity. To support your little ones with better cognitive skills, you may enroll them in the best online yoga classes that are offered by Koachme. These yoga asanas for fitness help your kids from the beginning to ace the skill of being intellectually healthy. At Koachme our experts in the field of yoga help your kids practice this art with confidence. Get more details from Koachme Team about various online yoga classes.