• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2022-02-15

Benefits of Playing Badminton as a hobby

Are you planning to change your everyday fitness regime and take a break from the gym, then badminton is a perfect alternative. Choose badminton as part of your hobby classes as it is a heart racing workout with some wonderful health benefits that can be played socially with competitive spirit. 

At Koachme, as part of hobby classes, we have sports training sessions such as badminton coaching which are available in scheduled timings. To begin your training session, all you have to do is search for hobby classes for kids or hobby classes for adults that teach badminton under professional coaches. 

Why Learn Badminton?

Badminton offers a wide set of advantages which includes a rise in life expectancy and mobility that enhances heart health and workout activity suitable for all age groups. 

Explore much more advantages of badminton as part of your everyday hobby class routine or fitness regime. Check out the health benefits.

A complete body workout

As you are lunging, diving , running and increasing the pumping speed of your heart, playing badminton helps in burning out 450 calories in an hour. The different movements focus on a powerful cardio workout which involves a complete body that includes hamstrings, quads, calves and core. 

Heart Health

A healthy heart is important for proper functioning of your body. Badminton plays a vital role in decreasing the bad cholesterol levels in your body which could cause blood vessel blocks and also helps in boosting the level of good cholesterol. This reduces hypertension, heart attack and stroke. 

Reduce health risks 

Badminton can help in keeping both the types of diabetes in control. It brings down the sugar secretion in your liver and reduces the blood sugar while fasting.

In children and youngsters, chasing the move and running around the court helps in increasing body mass and density. This helps in keeping away osteoporosis. 


Increase in Life expectancy 

According to a Danish study conducted on 9000 people, racket based sport like badminton increases the life expectancy around 6 years approx. Football can enhance life expectancy by approximately four years whereas cycling, swimming and jogging boosts life expectancy by three years.

Flexible workout 

Everyone enjoys badminton irrespective of fitness and health. You may opt for more or less intense workout by changing the speed & time span of the game. This is to adjust to your individual requirements and capacity of other players. 



Adults are recommended to take up about 30 minutes exercising five times in a week. But with more and more responsibilities at work and home , many of us could get guilty of not being able to perform other physical activities. Badminton is a fun sport that gets easily adapted to be part of our busy schedule. Badminton is a sport that blends the workout and socializing factor of a hobby. 

Mental wellness

When you are involved in any physical activity the happy hormones known as endorphins secrete in your body. This helps in reducing depression, anxiety and stress which in turn improves your overall sleep and mood. As it is a team sport you get the opportunity to meet like minded people to share your thoughts. This helps in combating loneliness amongst players who fight tough phases in life. 

Better Mobility

As we get older, our mobility happens to deteriorate slowly. We can help in avoiding this by lubricating the joints and maintain proper fitness regime by being active. Badminton as part of hobby classes is a great way to reduce the arthritis risks and other joint problems. 


With kids exposed to technology & smart phones, it is very difficult to involve them in hobby classes which would get them out of the house to sweat out & play. Enrolling them in hobby classes for kids where they coach badminton is a great way to improve their health and fitness apart from learning new sport skills. 

Hope all the above benefits have triggered within you the spirit to learn badminton with an idea to join at least weekend hobby class for badminton.

Badminton with its unlimited benefits for your wellness is a great sport to relax and refresh your body & soul. Our expert coaches at koachme train you to play the game professionally with complete passion for the sport. Join today!