• Posted by: The Koachme Team
  • 2021-11-23

Affordable Hobby Ideas for your Child

Many families across the country have cooped up at their houses for several weeks due to pandemics & rains and all have begun to run out of thoughts for crafts & artwork to keep all engaged and entertained. Don’t worry we have some handy ideas for you here. Even if the kids are not let to spend time out, they still can enjoy, learn new stuff and have fun with the family. Many activities here help your child develop fine and gross motor skills.

Never limit yourself to what you can do- You may discover something totally unexpected that could interest you.

Here are a few activities you could have fun with your children.

1. Origami 

Origami is joyful craftwork that creates wonderful crafts that you will enjoy engaging in. You don’t have to try your hands on ninja-level origami right at the start, there are certain easy steps to start with.

All you want is a few sheets of paper ( probably recycled) and good professional craft classes online to learn from and you are good to go.

2. Painting

Even if your child doesn’t show much interest in artsy, fancy poster colour painting can be a good platform to discover their creative ideas, which is quite important in our routine.

Pull out a wide plastic sheet to spread over the table or paving in the fenced area, grab a watercolour palette or a few acrylic colours and a plastic palette, paintbrushes, a cup of water to clean the brushes and a few recycled papers too.

If your kid is too small and playing with colours for fun, don’t give any expensive products- regular inexpensive products that add fun and creativity to their minds are perfect. If they show more interest and want to pursue further as a hobby you may choose to enroll them in painting classes online. 

Portray your kid’s creations around your home, this will boost their confidence and interest in the activity.

3. Sketching

Looking for a hobby that can engage you and your kids but without any mess around then pencil sketching is a great choice.

It is a highly precision-based artwork and kids’ motor skills get fine-tuned as holding a pencil involves more muscle training than holding a paintbrush. You may train your kids using sketching paper or you may choose to give practice on regular paper. Similarly, for the pencils, you use for sketching, kids can learn using art pencils or simple HB pencils too. The creation of art has endless possibilities so give your children the opportunity the bring out their creativity in sketching may it be landscape sketching, portrait sketching or fashion sketching 

4. Dancing

Stay fit while your have fun! A beautiful win-win deal.

Check out our online dance class sessions at Koachme or look out for our Zumba classes online for inspiration. Put on a recorded video of any dance session and create your dance class atmosphere at home.

One of the noteworthy benefits of online dance classes for kids is that they can learn different dance styles at home. One day traditional Bharatanatyam and next day hip-hop, no wonder!

So speak to our team at Koachme to give your kids exposure to various dance forms. 

5. Photography

It’s time to bid goodbye to the self-timer and always hold hands with your personal little photographer. Wondering what? yes, training your kids in photography, is one of the best hobby class ideas. Photography gives children the idea to admire the beauty in various things around us. 

The professionalism in every photo is basically a blend of photographer skills and camera quality. Elevate the photography skills in your kids before you invest in a fancy professional camera and lens. 

6. Yoga

Yoga is an activity that relaxes the mind, body and soul and also improves the quality of life. Yoga for fitness is practiced by kids and adults for a healthy lifestyle. Although there are many yoga classes nearby, choosing online yoga classes helps you get trained in yoga at the comfort of your home. 

Let your child’s spine and joints strengthen by practicing yoga asanas for fitness. so, consider talking to our yoga gurus at Koachme today!

Wrap up

Hope you have got your fun and low-cost hobby ideas handy. Enjoy your hobby time with an entertaining and fulfilling learning experience that enhances your life. 

Koachme proves hobby classes can also be inexpensive yet comfortable with its online hobby classes. Connect with us to know more about fun, educational & rewarding hobby sessions.